Shipping methods serves customers from all over Greece.

All orders are sent to any part of Greece through a transport company directly to your door, in order to achieve the maximum combination of consistency, speed and security.

Shipping methods and costs

  1.  The customer can pick up with his own through our stores , at the address Address: 4th km KALAMATAS- MANIS VERGAS BEACH KALAMATA PC 24100 Phone: 27210 41550, no extra charge.
  2. Free transfer with our own means of transport for the area of Kalamata
  3. Free transfer with our own means of transport within the Prefecture of Messinia for orders over 500 euros.For orders under 500 euros the cost is 20 euros regardless of the volume of the order.
  4. Shipping with a transport company

For shipments outside Messinia we deliver the goods to an agency of your choice and you bear the costs of the agency. In this case, please contact us for the most accurate determination of shipping costs, all prices given below are “estimated” and may differ slightly (either slightly lower or slightly higher).

Shipping with a transport company does not allow cash on delivery.

The delivery of goods by transport is a “sidewalk delivery” – that is, they do not undertake the ascent to any floor or stairs.

This shipping method allows you to pick up your order yourself from the warehouses of each transport per city. In this way you reduce the cost by about half, as you will not be burdened by the route from the transport warehouse to your place.

The transfer is made on behalf and under the responsibility of the final recipient.

  • For small products (eg, lighting, etc.) the shipping cost is 10-15 euros per piece estimate.
  • For medium-sized products (eg sunbeds, tables, chairs, etc.) the shipping cost is 20-30 euros per piece.
  • For larger products (eg wardrobes, beds, mattresses, etc.) the shipping cost is 40-55 euros estimate
  • For very large products (eg sofas, etc.) the shipping cost is 50-65 euros.
  • In case you are in an inaccessible area, on an island or in an out-of-town area (eg village or suburb) please contact us to determine the shipping cost.

Shipping costs are borne by the final recipient and paid by him upon receipt, except in cases of special agreement. Our store is not obliged to issue a document for the shipping costs and reserves its rights in cases of disagreement, incorrect charges or destruction of products by transport companies. The transfer is done on behalf and under the responsibility of the final recipient .. Please always check if the product delivered to you is in excellent condition during the receipt process and before the departure of the transport company.

Shipping time

The time of processing and sending your order by us ranges from 4-7 working days for products that are ready to be delivered depending on the time period, the load of the shipping department and the itineraries of transport companies.

In any case, you will be informed by the shipping department about the exact delivery time after the completion and confirmation of your order.

The delivery of the products through the transport company can be done in 2 or 3 working days for most areas of Greece and 3 to 5 working days for the rest of the remote areas. Delivery can be completed in a longer period of time in minimal areas (maximum delivery time of 6 days) that are characterized as particularly inaccessible by Metaforiki or require a visit of the customer to the nearest store of the company. We inform you that on Saturday there are no deliveries by the transport companies.

In any case, you can contact us, so that we can inform you of the contact details of the transport offices that serve your area. This way you can control the progress of your shipment at any time or even consult individually about the exact place and time of delivery.

Shipping Security

The products when sent are registered, and you must be present yourself upon receipt of your order, having your ID with you.

The packaging and packaging materials used by the manufacturers themselves are such as to provide the maximum possible protection and safety of the product. For this reason you receive the products of your order, in exactly the same factory and excellent condition in which they were in our warehouse. The products are transported on behalf and under the responsibility of the final buyer.

Force majeure

If for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes, etc.) it is not possible to deliver the products to you within the predetermined time, we will inform you by phone or e-mail.